About Us

PanTHERA CryoSolutions is a Canadian corporation that designs and manufactures cryopreservation solutions for cells, tissues and organs for research and clinical markets. Our patented ice recrystallization inhibitor (IRI) technology exceeds competitors’ products by providing superior cryopreservation and increasing post-thaw cell recovery and function for our customers. The technology enables the use of less costly storage and transportation systems limiting liquid nitrogen use for some cell therapy applications.

Our Mission

PanTHERA’s mission is to apply its scientific excellence to the development of evidence-based products that control ice crystal formation and protect cells, tissues, and organs from freezing damage as well as reducing toxicity, improving stability and post-thaw functionality. As a forward-looking organization we are constantly expanding our technology to contribute to improving cell-based research, agriculture, biodiversity preservation, aquaculture, and human medicine.

Our Partners

In December 2020, PanTHERA CryoSolutions and BioLife Solutions entered into a strategic partnership for the co-development of PanTHERA’s IRI technology and its use in the preservation of cells in research and cell and gene therapies. BioLife is a leading supplier of class-defining cell and gene therapy bioproduction tools and services.

For more information please contact: invest@pantheracryo.com

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