Flexibility and Control - A World of New Possibilities

PanTHERA CryoSolutions provides cryoprotectant products for use in a variety of cell and tissue systems. Our patented ice recrystallization inhibitors (IRIs) significantly improve post-thaw recovery and the quality of cell-based therapeutics.

Exceptional Protection

Our products provide exceptional protection against transient warming during both normal storage and distribution. Our IRIs offer beneficial options for alternative shipping methods that allow more flexibility in the supply chain of cryopreserved cells.


Significant Cost Reductions

PanTHERA reduces operational including logistics and shipping. In certain applications IRIs allow for higher sub-zero storage of samples reducing the cost of banking cell inventories.

Improved Performance & Opportunities

PanTHERAs IRI’s improve post-thaw recovery and functionality of cells which can positively impact research and patient outcomes.


  • Research and development
  • Gene and cell therapy products
  • Organ, tissue, and blood banking
  • Biomanufacturing industry (such as viral vectors, oncolytic virus, recombinant proteins, vaccines)
  • Assisted reproductive technologies
  • Animal and aquaculture-specific breeding and preservation

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